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Here Are Some Of Our Past Questions

I switched from self-employed to a W2 employee last year, how will my income be calculated?
I was laid off for 5 months due to COVID last year, can I still qualify for a mortgage?
I am a non-citizen in the US on a student Visa, can I qualify for a mortgage as a non-permanent resident?
Is there a waiting period to refinance the mortgage into my name after I have inherited a property?
Can I qualify for a mortgage with collections, charge offs, or other derogatory events on credit?
My employer is giving me a gift to help with my down payment, can I use this?
Can I use my IRA distributions, 401(k) distributions or social security to qualify for a mortgage?
I have an offer letter for a new job but I haven’t started yet. Can I still qualify for a mortgage?
My self-employment income is showing a loss on tax returns. Are there any programs available for self-employed borrowers that don’t require tax returns to qualify?